Happy Belated Mother’s Day everyone

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day even though it’s like a week late. I was not actually thrilled about my mother’s day. I am not one for cards and presents or flowers so I wasn’t expecting any of that but I was hoping that I would be able to at least be able to go do some stuff by myself but that was not to be the case.

Savie and I went uptown to get breakfast for all of us, then came home and washed all the dishes. Washed 2 loads of clothes before 9am then got in the shower when he asked if he could borrow the car to go play golf. He left and Savie and I went shopping in town and only made it to 2 stores before she had a meltdown and we had to leave without getting myself a book, like I really wanted, or go grocery shopping.  And then to top it off we didn’t go to dinner because she was having problems.

So let’s recap shall we. I spent the whole day with a upset child, didn’t get myself anything, cooked/cleaned/washed clothes all while he played golf. I think that makes a great Father’s Day, don’t you?

DWTS week 9

This is going to be the week that Ty goes. I love him and the way that he dances, when he loosens up, but I think that this is the end for him.


Shawn (with the Quickstep)- That was cute! I love the song, one of my favorite movies, but that was upbeat, cute and quirky all the things he wanted.

Ty (with the A Tango)- wow the intensity that he has when he does this dance. I loved it, all that was missing was a smouldering cigarette in her mouth.

Lil Kim (with the waltz)- Beautiful song choice, beautiful dance. That was sweet and soft and romantic dance. I liked it.

Gilles (with the Foxtrot)- Great song, one of my favorites but the dance didn’t do it for me. There was a lot of posing and other stuff. And of course Cheryl with the hair whipping around.

Mellisa (with the V waltz)- She looks so beautiful even when she just stands there. I love her hair when it’s curled and long like that.

OK  with the pros teaching the stars and trying to teach stars i know that Ashton is going to be good but I’m curious to see how the others handle it.


(no one needed the image of whatever it was that Len said lol)

Shawn (with the Paso Doble)- I don’t know maybe I was hoping for something a little more dramatic but that just seemed a little blah. It didn’t give me chills like I was hoping.

Ty (wiht the Rumba)- Oh that was cute, he did his solo will his wife. that was just adorable. But the hips were painful to watch but I think this is the end of the road for him. Sorry Ty but it’s time to get off the dance floor and get back on the bull. And of course the lift police was there.

Lil Kim (with the Salsa)- this is her dance!!!!!! Bring back the booty!!!! I loved the trick!!!! That freaked me out for a minute but that came out sooooo good. There were a couple of mis-steps there but that was so her and that was just so much fun.

Gilles (wiht the rumba)- Cheryl!!!!! She cracks me up, “that comes naturally”. Wow does his wife know how lucky she is??? Cause I’m pretty sure there are a couple thousand women in the world that will take him. Get the hose and cool off the room!!

Mellisa (with the Samba)- that was cute i have to give her credit for that. At least she didn’t fall off the counter like the other girl did. She didn’t shake as much as I thought she could have, she probably shook more when she was a cheerleader, lol.

Sunday Scribblings

This weeks prompt is Confession. I have a confession, a lot actually.

  • I confess that I don’t want to get up most mornings. I want to stay in bed, at least for a couple of hours.
  • I confess that most of the time kids annoying me
  • I confess that I don’t want to be judge but seem to judge other people
  • I confess that I do speed sometimes in the car but never more than 5 miles over
  • I confess that I love my dog enough to buy her clothes, if she really needs it
  • I confess that I am still afraid of the dark and it’s not just from all the scary  movies I’ve watched
  • I confess that I like my stepfather better than my father
  • I confess that I love watching movies alone and with a full bowl of popcorn
  • I confess that I love to go out to eat but I hate to eat in front of people.

It was bound to happen

Last week I got bad news  about Savie. No it’s nothing major or a big change in lifestyles, something simple. She is borderline lactose intolerant like I am. So for the past week she has had no milk/cheese/ice cream nothing dairy. It has been a hard week. I’m so used to giving her milk in the morning with her breakfast, cheese on her sandwiches, butter on her toast, and something in her lunch but there has been none of that for a full week. I think it was harder on me then on her. She was OK with everything when I explained that milk is making her tummy upset and that’s why she’s been going to the bathroom so much.  There was one day there where she wanted  macaroni and cheese and I told her she couldn’t have it. “Because it’ll make my tummy upset?” with big doe eyes.

But we are on the road to recovery. As I was telling another mom this just means that when I buy milk I can buy the soy milk for Savie and myself and regular milk for him. It also means that now I can tell them at the WIC office that she has to have soy milk so that has to change on our checks. I can definitely tell him now that he can’t give her that much milk in a single day. There were a couple of days where he gave her 2-3 glasses of milk with her cereal, she had cheese on her sandwich, and he like loads on the butter on her toast. I mean not just enough to melt but enough that when he goes to put the jelly on you can still see the butter on the toast, it’s crazy.

So now we are slowly restarting on milk. She had goldfish crackers Tuesday  at school, mac and cheese on Wednesday for dinner, and nothing today. I want to let those things go thru her system first and see where we stand. Now I need to make an appt at the Dr.’s office for her  so we can get a note from the him saying that she  has to have soy milk for her WIC checks.

Children and manners

Or maybe I should say the lack of manners. Some children just seem to have no manners in this day. They don’t seem to understand that mom is mom and dad is dad, not Richard or Mary. When did calling your parents by their name, at 3 yr old, become ok? I still don’t call my parents by their  given  names and I’m in my 30’s. Am I the only one that finds that odd? When did this become the norm?

Another issue that I have tried to instill in my kids is being quiet at certain events. We have movie time in the afternoon after lunch. It gives them time to settle down and digest their food , and some quiet time for me. We have certain saying for several things like “that;s a bad idea”. Well a big one that I am really pushing on the them is that movie time is quiet time. There is to be no talking or playing with the toys during movie time. It’s a time for the to lay down and watch a movie and that they have to be quiet just like when you go to the movie theater. To many people today talk during the movie and don’t realize just how rude they are. There is a time and a place for talking and once the movie has started and  the lights are turned off, talking is not allowed. There has been a day or two when movie time has been canceled because there was to much talking. True they were upset but why should they be rewarded for bad behavior? There have been few times when I have allowed talking during the movie. We go over the rules before the movies starts so there is no confusion about what is ok and not.

DWTS week 8

Well with LT out of it that means that only Lil Kim will have a skimpy outfit, lol. I love when there is a team dance, you get to see just how they work with someone that they don’t like that much. I wonder what happened to Melissa.

Gilles with the Lindy hop- what is with Cheryl and her partners hurting their arms? This is the second one, true this time it’s his collar bone but still. This was a good dance I wasn’t that great in my opinion but what I know. I give him a 6 for tonight.

Lil Kim with the Paso double- wow that’s all I can say. That was fierce, powerful and she bounced on her butt. She looked so serious that it gave me shills. I give her a 10 for this one.

Chuck with the Cha Cha- I am totally not surprised that he got kicked in the head it was bound to happen. Maybe he should wear sating more often; he seems to move so much better in it, lol. That was cute and fun and upbeat I loved it. I give him a 9.

Shawn with the Samba- tips from his mother? Hmmm interesting. That was cute but for some reason that seemed slow and a little weird. Mark seemed to be doing most of the dance she was just there. I give her an 8.

Melissa with the jive- why did they have to keep saying that “even though this was the practice and you were just marking”? We know that but get to what you liked about the dance already. Poor Melissa.

Ty with the salsa- wow what happened to him? He got a spray tan and was just a wild man on the floor. Throwing her around like she was a rope. Just all over the place I loved it!!! I give him a 9 on that one.

Team Mambo- I have no words for that. To busy laughing over the ending but I like that a lot. I wonder what team tango has up their sleeve.

Team Tango- yes they were better but I still like mambo better. Two different kinds of dances so there was a lot of differences between them. I like Team Mambo better, they were more fun to watch but Team Tango was better.

But I don’t want to

What is wrong with kids these days? They think that everything should be brought to them and that they don’t have to do a thing? Why is that? My kids, the ones at my school, are learning t be independent. Not just because at 4 and 5 yrs old they should be able to do a lot of things on their own but also because they are lazy sometimes. I’ve noticed that at snack time they are waiting for me to put the soap on their hands and turn on the water. Now some of them can’t reach the handles so yes they need help, but the others, they don’t need it. They are perfectly capable of doing it all by themselves. Then they sit down at the table and wait for me to bring them their snack bags. As my Dad used to say to us “are your legs broken? You can get up and get it yourself.”  There is no reason that they can’t get their bag, put on their shoes and jackets or wash their hands by themselves. Some of these parents in the world are enabling their children to be lazy. With Earth Day tomorrow it’s gotten me thinking about what they need, not just can, do to make this planet a better one.

We do a lot of things where they are learning about the world around them. We have the garden out front that everyone is responsible for, leftover food is given to the chickens and goats around the corner, and we clean up as a group. These are basic things that I think every kid should know about. It’s not just about being “green” but being aware, being conscious of the world around us. They have to learn that what they do has a consequence to it. That if they leave food out flies will get it. If they don’t water the plants they will die. If they leave a mess someone can get hurt.

What got me thinking about this is that one of my kids today always seems to be waiting for me to do it for her. When it was snack time she was waiting for me to wash her hands for her. When it was time to fill the water bottles for the garden she said she was going to fill up 1 while everyone else did 3, then didn’t want to water anything. It made me aware of the fact that she was waiting for things to be done for her, not taking the incentive to do it herself. She’s a smart girl and should have been able to do this easy but the desire was not there to it. Oh well. To each their own, she will either get on board with what’s going on or the other kids will help her along.