DWTS Season 9 First night

OMG that was a great opening scene.

Aaron Carter– first of all I remember when he was little and can I just say that he was a cute little boy, not so much now. Hoping that cuteness of his can translate to dancing.

cha-cha- on your toes more, quit biting your lip, and was that a slip at the end? He looked like he almost dropped her but still good.

Chuck Liddel– This is going to be interesting. He looks just a little stuffy to be into this but we will see.

Foxtrot- can we say stiff? He looks so serious that it’s painful. I keep flinching watching him, worrying for poor Anna thinking that he’s going to throw her a little to hard. (I’m always amazed at some of the things that come out of Bruno’s mouth)

Mark Dac– I know him from movies but not the show

Cha-cha- This is going to be good. He’s got the hip movement so he should be ok in dance, maybe  a little to intense at times. I think he did great, needed to be on his toes a little more but that’s to be expected. His arms are a little off but the hips are there. I like him, think he’ll last at least 4 rounds.

Ashley Hamilton– who is this man? I have never heard of him before.

Foxtrot- No comment. No I take that back. the music sucked, didn’t feel a thing for it. The dance was boring, he needed to be on his toes (of course) but there was nothing there that impressed me.

Donny Osmond- there’s nothing to say about him that hasn’t been said already.

Foxtrot- what’s wrong with his gave? Wow! I’m surprised. I thought he might be a little stiff but that was just amazing for him. I thought for sure there would be a little “rock n’ roll” in there (sorry had to throw that it there).

Louie Vito- another Olypimic hopeful.

Foxtrot- that closing pose looked painful. I say her correct his arm once but there may have been more. Dad looked happy for him. He looked ok and he’s a clean slate, so there’s plenty of potential there.

Micheal Irvin– just because he’s a football player doesn;t mean that I’m going to like him. He needs a bigger hoop for starters, and beating Rice? C’om on that ain’t gonna happen.

Cha-cha- ok first he has to stop the fave and he has to sop playing long enough to remember the steps. He has the personality, which should get him pretty far, be he’s gonna have along road ahead of him. Points to Anna for bringing out his personality but yeah she needs to work on his feet and the technique of the dance.

Tom Delay– whatever. I know I should care about this man but I just can’t muster it.

Cha-cha- wow can I just say that so far that had to be the most interesting Cha-Cha of the night? He actually shook his hips (thank god he didn’t hurt himself) maybe a little better than some of the other ones. I was actually impressed. And was that wink at the judges for Bruno?


I love the group dances. It shows who’s getting it and who isn’t. Ok I gotta say the first couple was the only one that was slow compared to everyone else. Chuck was surprisingly quick, Donny was cute, and Louie was fun! (sorry Ashley). I think their gonna say Donny, Chuck, Louie, Ashley. Just my opinion.

Vienne Watlz- Stumble on the second couple’s part, Tom was ok, and Micheal was off. This was not a good dance at all. The couples looked just off and I think the first couple was the only good one.

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