DWTS week 8

Well with LT out of it that means that only Lil Kim will have a skimpy outfit, lol. I love when there is a team dance, you get to see just how they work with someone that they don’t like that much. I wonder what happened to Melissa.

Gilles with the Lindy hop- what is with Cheryl and her partners hurting their arms? This is the second one, true this time it’s his collar bone but still. This was a good dance I wasn’t that great in my opinion but what I know. I give him a 6 for tonight.

Lil Kim with the Paso double- wow that’s all I can say. That was fierce, powerful and she bounced on her butt. She looked so serious that it gave me shills. I give her a 10 for this one.

Chuck with the Cha Cha- I am totally not surprised that he got kicked in the head it was bound to happen. Maybe he should wear sating more often; he seems to move so much better in it, lol. That was cute and fun and upbeat I loved it. I give him a 9.

Shawn with the Samba- tips from his mother? Hmmm interesting. That was cute but for some reason that seemed slow and a little weird. Mark seemed to be doing most of the dance she was just there. I give her an 8.

Melissa with the jive- why did they have to keep saying that “even though this was the practice and you were just marking”? We know that but get to what you liked about the dance already. Poor Melissa.

Ty with the salsa- wow what happened to him? He got a spray tan and was just a wild man on the floor. Throwing her around like she was a rope. Just all over the place I loved it!!! I give him a 9 on that one.

Team Mambo- I have no words for that. To busy laughing over the ending but I like that a lot. I wonder what team tango has up their sleeve.

Team Tango- yes they were better but I still like mambo better. Two different kinds of dances so there was a lot of differences between them. I like Team Mambo better, they were more fun to watch but Team Tango was better.



Yes I know that this a few days late but I wrote this the night that I watched but just haven’t had a chance to post until now. tThings have been a little hectic at work.

David- I liked his dance. True he’s not one of the younger people out there but he did hold his own. That takes a lot.

Lil Kim- The sex appeal of this should be very easy for her. The dance moves might be a little hard but the the lifts were very impressive. I had shivers from thi. I’m speechless.

Chuck- It was cute but what do you expect from Julianne? I knew it would be cute and that she would put a lot of fun stuff in it for him but it was just ok, I give him a 6.

Lawerance- This should be an easy one for Edyta, she’s got the legs and lines that lawerance might be a little uncomfortable with the wife. Nicely done but Lil Kim’s was better.

Ty- Wow that was pretty good. He did get a little off but he wasn’t that far off. I liked it a lot. I was hoping to see him throw her around a little more but that was good. A 7 is what I give him.

Mellisa- Wow. She started to slow down towards the middle of the dance but it was so good. I wanted to dance to!!! I wanted to be out there dance and getting thrown around the floor.

Holly- this should be a little easy for her. Looking sexy comes easy for her so it seems. Nice dance a little safe but her back hurts also.

The Woz- Wow that painful.

Steve-O- Wow that was….something. He was a step behind the whole time and it was so hard to watch.

Gilles- How can a sexy French man not be sexy in this dance? Can we say Antiono Banderas???? Get a hose that wasy hot and sexy. I think I need a cold shower. Wow karrie ann. Yes the wife is a lucky woman.

Shawn- She’s so cute. The smile is just adorable. That was so adorable. That was just cute and fun and high energy. I loved it.

Tom Cruise

I don’t usually watch the Today Show but this morning I had to, Tom Cruise was on. Now before you start thinking that I’m a big Cruise fan (even though I do still like some of his earlier movies) that’s not why. I was watching 3 years ago when this happened and was curious to see what would happen this time. I was personally offened when he made the remarks he did last time he was on but he was also making a big deal out of the whole “TomKat” and all. I didn’t see the show myself but I did catch the video online.

Did you watch him this morning? I thought, that for the short amount of time that he was on this morning he slightly redeemed himself. Just slightly. I’m still not to interested in watching his movies and think he’s a little out there but he did say that what he sid last time didn’t come out the way he meant it to so that’s a start.

Dancing with the Stars

I was all ready to start watching this around 8 tonight but then the football game got good, lol so I didn’t even get started until about 9:30pm.

Brooke (salsa)-(I am so sick of seeing Brooke (just kidding). I really want to see her mess up somehow.) This was not a good dance for her, she was trying to hard and she looked tired. I wonder if the babies were keeping her up last night,lol. I guess I shouldn’t have asked for that.

Cody (paso dobla)- I love her voice when she gets exicete. Interesting choice in music and outfits. That was a good. I liked it.

Warren ( mambo)- I love him and want him to win so bad!!!! I love watching him dance it’s just fun and flirty and cute. I have to vote for my man.

Lance (mambo)- I love him to but it’s more about Warren. Nice hold there Lacey, all I can say is WOW you have some control there. That was beautiful. Sorry Warren but that was so much better than yours.

Second Dances

Brooke (salsa)- I think there should be a rule that says you have to wear red and a dress to do the salsa, it just looks so much better. Not that the gold thing wasn’t bad but wow, could you pull my shoulder out a little more. Did you notice that she did the same air spilt as the por’s, lol?

Cody (salsa) another golf out fit? lol. She’s holding her side on those turn jumps I wonder if it hurts a little. There was a small mis-step but it was good.

Wow look her nose, she looks very Rockabilly but he just looks goofy, lol. I wonder if it’s because his teeth look so white.

Warren (jitter bug)- Ha ha ha ha ha, that was cute. Poor baby looks a little tired after all that.

Lance (jitterbug)- I hope his is really good, for his grandfather’s sake. That had to be a little un-nerving, losing a shoe at the beginning of the dance. He did really well, all things considered.

Dancing with the stars week 7

This will be a first for me, usually I post this on my other blog but I need to start posting here more often so here goes.

This week it’s two dances, their individual dance and then a team dance, this should be fun since they have never, in the history of DWTS, done this before. Team Cha-cha v Team Paso Doubla-

Warren (foxtrot)– I love that they are able to drop in on other dancers practicing so they can get a better look I love watching him dance. That was beautiful and graceful. I am so happy for Kim that she finally has someone that is willing to put in the time and effort into it. I give him a solid 8.

Susan (Paso Doble) -She’s to careful, she seems to walk thru her dances even the fast ones. There was no fire and anger in this one for me. It just seemed a little blah. I don’t know what they judges are seeing but I give her a 7.

Maurice (Cha-Cha)-His smile is back!!!!! i know this song and that is not what it was meant for. Yeah for him!!! Even with the bad foot he was good. I give him a solid 8.

Cody (waltz)-This should be interesting. Edyta having to pretend to be in love with someone, that’s so funny. But seriously how hard is to to pretend your in love with her? LOL. What is going on with the dress? That thing is eyesore. That was beautiful, even with that fugly dress of hers. I almost wanted to cry. I give him a solid 8 maybe a 9.

Lance (rumba)– Lacey is getting a little negative. She sounds like his girlfriend (if he had one ha ha). I love watching them dance though. They put little thigs in their dances to make it their own. I give them a 9. (I have to vote for them a little more then Warren.)

Brooke (foxtrot) -Like she needed a push, lol. Beautiful song, beautiful dance. Very 30-ish with the dress, the hair, and the music.

Team Cha-Cha

You can see that Toni slows down for her. She misses a lot of things on her part but he always covered for her. It was really obvious during the dance. She is the weakest link in this team.I have to agree Lance/Lacey was the saving grace for the group. I do think that Cody was pretty good it’s just Susan, she threw the group off.

Team Paso Doble

Wow that is just powerful. That was so much better then the cha-cha. everyone was good, Maurice had a small mis-step but he recovered so nicely. That was a great group dance, everyone had a powerful part and then came back together. I agree with them all that this was much tighter then the Cha-Cha.