I am not a soccer mom!

When I was a SAHM I was almost never at home. I was out running errands for my husband, going to the park, a few playgroups, maybe a shopping day, but stay at home, not very often. Why Just because those acronyms are the category doesn’t mean that it all describes yo just like the personality test.  I don’t remember my letters but some of my letters are not that me.

Do you remember the Motrin ad? The one about baby-wearing? Yeah I was in on that one. I’m not going to get into it again but I have stopped buying Motrin and other products from them, not like I bout a lot anyways.   Advertisers sometimes don’t think about what they are doing even when they say they’ve used target groups. Head over to 5MFM and watch this video and post your comments.


Do a little dance

As the song goes “do a little dance, get down tonight, uh, get down tonight”. (I have to find the link for that song). I got a new student today. My first new student in months, well weeks really but you know what I mean. It’s April and the school year is almost over and I haven’t had a new student since K started in the middle of Feb. I was starting to worry about having students for the day but I think this is the pick me up that I needed. Now I just have to work on the dance classes. I have one student in the afternoon that is taking the class; the others are my younger students that are just here all day. I think what I’m going to have to do is when the new school year starts tell parents up front that if their child is here for the afternoon that they will be charged the rates for the dance classes. Some of them will pull theirs kids out but that’s fine that means that the kids that are still here will paying for that time.

As it is now I was told by one parent, I was a little harsh when it came to the letter about the food. There are foods that are just not good for kids, like sugary foods, so the letter said that those foods will be sent home or thrown away (depending on my mood I guess) but I feel that if they are going to ignore the letter that I send home saying that these foods are not acceptable then they are the ones wasting their money. Yes it is a bit of a scare tactic but it has to be done. It’s not just as a teacher that I say this but also as a parent. I know how my kid gets when she eats sugary foods and I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to spend the day with that so why would I send her to school with that?

So with my new student today I had 5 kids this morning and, as usual, that’s about what I have on a Thursday. Tomorrow I might have one more but that’s the norm. The end of the week is always a little busier then the beginning. I am going to have to put an ad in the paper or something to get another person in here. It’s not that 5 kids is a lot to handle but when we are outside and I have one little one, that 5 becomes a little much.

Can you please step back?

I understand that some people don’t understand the concept of personal space and that even kids don’t get it sometimes but at what point to you teach/show them? They have to learn to understand that some people are not touchy feely people or that they like to have a lot of space between themselves and the other person. I have a girl who cringes at the thought of getting hugs. I think there’s something wrong with that.

I love my husband

I love my husband. I know that’s what every wife says, at the wedding, before the wedding, etc but I really do.

In this economy there are a lot of people trying to hold on to jobs and even more looking for work because the company they worked for for so many years has laid them off. And construction is a fickle business. There is an up and down every couple of weeks in this business. I have seen it first hand. I love that when there is work there is a lot of it and we don’t really have to worry about the money but then when things are bad they are really bad. But, not nearly as bad when we lived in California. That’s when things were at their worst. I loved living there for the most part but then when I was pregnant had we had to figure out a way to live it was to much, but let me get back to the topic of this post.

Hubby has always been really good about sharing jobs. He’s been in this business long enough to know that if you pass business on to colleagues they will do the same for you. He will do any kind of construction, from the ground up except for painting, and if he can’t do whatever the job is he will pass it along to someone he knows can do it. The same goes for work that needs to be done sooner than when he can get to it. There have been a couple of jobs here in the past couple of weeks, that he’s had to pass on because he’s a couple of weeks out and the client needs the work done next week. The only time I was upset and disappointed with him was when he told me that he passed on a job that would have net him a 6 figure paycheck for 6 months of work. I think it was something like $135,000 for the 6 months. But the catch was that he would have to go to Iraq or something and work there. Thankfully he turned it down because I could not handle the stress of him being away for that long. I have so much respect for military wives. They are going thru so much emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Everything is working overtime and that is such a drain on the body, to be like that for so long.

Again I went off on a tangent about something else, lol. I just can’t seem to think today, I guess I really needed my coffee this morning, lol. Oh well off to read my book since the kids are down and watching their movie.

Party on baby!

The party was a success!! I was so happy with the way the party came out for school. Every time I have a party I’m nervous about how it will work. Whether the kids will like what I have planned, if the projects I want to do will work, whether or not there will be enough kids, that kind of thing. For Easter the party I had planned was a “Bunny” party. We would do lots of bunny themed projects; eat like a bunny and my rabbit Max would come down for the day. Well the bunny projects I had didn’t quite pan out like I was hoping (there was one from Ramblings that I really wanted to try but couldn’t find a picture that worked) but the other projects that I had worked out great. The flowers took a little longer to make then I thought but then again you can’t rush the painters, lol. The gardening we did that day was fine and the movie was prefect “Max and Ruby: Summertime with Max and Ruby”. How fitting right? I thought so.

I’m hoping that the little bit of a party that I have planned for Earth Day, going to the park we usually play, to pick up garbage goes well. We seem to play at he same area all the time and they keep bringing me garbage anyways so we might as well clean the area, right? I know some of the parents, well actually one parent, made a comment to me about cleaning a place that has broken glass and whatnot in it but at the same time do they want us to just leave it and let the kids play there anyway? I would much rather that Savie bring it to me, with gloves on of course, then play around it and get hurt by it. I’ve taken to taking a garbage bag with us on walks anyways because we are always finding garbage when we go out. Plus it will get them in the train of thought for that Sat.’s Farmer Market. They are suppose to be having a big Earth Day party with recycling of clothes, a May Pole and other projects. I can’t wait.

Sunday Scribblings

This weeks prompt is Celebrate. There are a lot of things to celebrate  this month for me. We have Easter and Earth Day and those are big thigns, more the Earth Day then anything. There is also the car shows this month, one here in town and in the town over.  The Farmer’s Market is opening soon which means lost of grilling and fresh foods for us. I love this time of year. It’s so easy to be happy and free……. as long as you don’t mind the wind, lol.

Busy, busy just the way I like it

It’s spring and that means busy weekends for me. The Farmer’s Market wil start just after Earth Day and that means that every Sat. morning I will be there. As long as weather permits. So my Sat.  are gone, or at least for now, changed or put on hold. I will have my day to do my stuff but that will have to change until the end of summer.

This month alone my weekends are packed. Today I had a hair appt and then was going to go to Frontier Days but the wind was blowing so bad that I was not about to put myself or Savie out in that for some rides and maybe some games so instead we did a lot of shopping. Tomorrow we are going to the mountains for Stone Mole Weekend. We have gone every year since we moved here so it’s tradition.

Next weekend we have the car show here in town, a birthday party, and an art walk after 5. After that I am going to a dance at a local club here so I will be very tired come Sunday.  The weekend after that is the Car show in Sierra Vista and a hair appt for both of us. So that leaves what? The last weekend of the month not planned out yet right? But that, is only a matter of time.