Busy, busy just the way I like it

It’s spring and that means busy weekends for me. The Farmer’s Market wil start just after Earth Day and that means that every Sat. morning I will be there. As long as weather permits. So my Sat.  are gone, or at least for now, changed or put on hold. I will have my day to do my stuff but that will have to change until the end of summer.

This month alone my weekends are packed. Today I had a hair appt and then was going to go to Frontier Days but the wind was blowing so bad that I was not about to put myself or Savie out in that for some rides and maybe some games so instead we did a lot of shopping. Tomorrow we are going to the mountains for Stone Mole Weekend. We have gone every year since we moved here so it’s tradition.

Next weekend we have the car show here in town, a birthday party, and an art walk after 5. After that I am going to a dance at a local club here so I will be very tired come Sunday.  The weekend after that is the Car show in Sierra Vista and a hair appt for both of us. So that leaves what? The last weekend of the month not planned out yet right? But that, is only a matter of time.