I am no SupperNanny

I am not Supper Nanny,  not by a long shot but there are some Super nanny moments.

For the most part the kids at school are good. They have been there long enough, before me, that they know what is expected of them as far as playing fair, playing nice, etc. But of course there are a few that come so rarely that they don;t understand why they can’t do this or that. Here is an example.

A is 4 (I think) and hasn’t been in a year because he is going to the Catholic preschool down the street from us plus Dad is a SAHD. Well he was here all week and S has already told me that he is a problem. This kid has some issues in my opinion. I have seen him outside of school and that kid has never been told no with meaning so I knew that there would be problems.

For most of the week he was ok not as bad I thought he would be but Friday was it. I took them to the 5 kids I had to the  park, which is only down the street, to play on the swings and enjoy the sun while it’s still out and a little warm. Well he didn’t want to hold hands so we could cross the street so we walked back to the studio until he was ready to listen (2 minutes). Once we got to the park instead of using his words and asking for help on the swing he whined and hit it. The other kids all went off to play and weren’t listening to him. After 5 minutes of whining, and me not paying attention to it, he finally used his words. Then about 15 minutes after that he decided that he wanted to go on the slide. Great!!!

I looked over in time to see him trying to step on another kids hand. Yes that is what I said. I ran walked over and gave him a time out and put him on the bench. After telling him that was unacceptable behavior and very dangerous he sat there until he was ready  to talk about the whole thing which brought on crying.

Fast forward to being back at the studio and after lunch. He was building something with the Lego’s and it fell so he cried, then thru them. Unfortunately two other kids where in the general direction of the Lego’s and almost got hit. Before I had a chance to say anything him he started hitting the Lego’s. TIME OUT!!!!!!!!

(I don’t know if I have mentioned this before our not but time out is not a big deal at school. It just means that you have to sit down and think about what you did. When you are ready to talk about what happened we can talk. After that if you need to apologize then you apologize to the person and give them a hug and that’s the end of it. You don’t have to spend a certain amount of time there just until you are calm)

He sat there for a good 20 minutes crying and screaming and beating the floor. It was almost comical. Did the other kids stop what they were doing? Nope but they did ask me what was wrong with him. I said that he was having a moment and when he was calm and ready to talk he could get up, simple as that. I am not one to cuddle and baby a child after they are violent, even if it was a toy. That is not an acceptable way to behave. He will just have to learn that. Does that make me mean? To them, yes to their parents I am probably doing something they don’t want to do.