1st day back to work

It’s Monday night and I am bone tired after a full day back to work. Well not really. But I am tired because I was really into watching my Boise State win their 14th game this season!!!!! In case you didn’t know it I am a HUGE football fan and wanted to go to the game today because they played here in Arizona. It would only have been a 4 hr drive one way, lol. But that’s okay. I got to watch all but the first 5 minutes of it on TV. Next year we are going to a game in Boise where I will get to kiss the blue field.But onto another topic.

The kids were not ready school. Most of them came back to me cranky and tired. I know Savie was not ready because she had a MAJOR meltdown. She’s never been this bad before but she hit and kicked me. I was not happy so I sat on the floor with her and held her arms and crossed my legs so she couldn’t do it again until she was calm. I’m upset because my other kids saw it but she has no one to blame but herself. I just don’t know what to do with her sometimes. SHe is getting out of hand and it has to stop soon. My nerves can’t take it much longer. On the plus side though she keeps telling me she loves me. It’s so cute the way that she says it but that does not erase what she’s done, you know?

I have decided that this summer I will be closed one morning a week so we can go to the pool. Savie and I never got to go together. She went with a friend once, and then a couple times when we were on the road but I would like to see my new body in a bathing suit, you know? I’ve lost plenty of weight so I should be able to get into a newer bathing suit. Am I selfish? Probably but that’s ok. I have a right to do that every now and then.

Well she’s woken up and it’s almost midnight. I need to get to bed. Have a wonderful night everyone.


Christmas joy?

I was hit with bad news the day before Christmas. This is supposed to be a season of change and love and spending time with your friends. That is the case but I am not feeling the love right now. At least not towards the family. The bad news that i got is that my dog Halley, who  is 9 yr old, has cancer.

I took her in to the vet because a big cyst on her right foreleg had burst and was bleeding really bad. I knew that her surgery would take a  lot out of me but I was not ready for the whole day to be a flop. To many emergencies came in that day. i brought Halley home and let her eat and relax with us before taking her backed the next morning. they called me later that day to say that her surgery was still ongoing and that there was a lot of growth on the cyst they were cutting off and that they thought it would be a good idea if we sent it out to see what it is/was. There were a few other things that they wanted to do but i wasn’t financially in a place to do anything more than what we had planned for. I also had x-rays done so we could get a better look at what is going on in her body.

Well i was told that it’s a good thing we sent the cyst out because it is cancerous. i don’t remember the name that they told me but it’s a blood origin cancer, meaning that it’s in the blood, so more than likely it’s all over her body by now. i don’t know how long she has or anything like that but i have to take her in tomorrow to get her sutures removed so i will get more information then. The doctor that told me this didn’t really want to tell me, I could hear it in his voice. He sounded genuinely sad that he had to say it to someone, especially on Christmas Eve.

I want to thank the people who work at the vet’s office for what they have done so far for Halley and what they will do for her. I am going to enjoy the time that I have with her, even though I don’t know how long that will be. Enjoy your time with your family and be safe this holiday season.